About Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location

 Tired of waiting at home for packages to arrive?

Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location is a convenient and efficient alternative to home delivery. You'll never have to worry about a missed delivery or porch pirates again, and can pick up from a location chosen by you.

How it works

At the point of order, you'll be offered the option of Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location and can select from over 20,000 locations across the U.S.


Search for a nearby UPS Access Point™ location


Select the location and checkout

Pick up when it's convenient for you



It's also the greener choice

When you choose Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location it's better for the environment! That's because it means UPS don't have to redeliver if you're not at home and requires them to make fewer trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my package is ready to pick up?
You will be emailed by UPS to let you know when your item has arrived at the UPS Access Point™ location and is ready for you to pick up.
How long will my package be held for?
Your package will be held for 7 days so you can pick up your package when it's convenient for you.
What do I need to pick up my package?
Please bring photo ID with you when you pick up your package. If you have been sent a Package Release Code you will also need to bring this along.
How can I find the nearest location to me?
When completing your order you will be presented with the option to search using your ZIP Code or address. You will then be shown nearby locations on a map with information on distance and opening times.
When are the UPS Access Point™ locations open?
UPS Access Point™ locations are typically open early to late 7 days a week. When selecting a nearby location you will be shown the opening times.